Our mission is to educate and arm all oppressed people in the U.S. and abroad. We realize this is an international struggle against capitalism and imperialism, and that our unified struggle begins in the collection of communities that define our daily lives. We are in solidarity with poor people around the world and understand the similarities we struggle against. The Huey P. Newton Gun Club - Alpha Company, is the next step in our revolutionary evolution. A such, we no longer adhere to the ideas of solely Nationalism or any form of discrimination against individuals based solely on race, Huey P. Newton developed and introduced the theory of Intercommunalism in the 1970's. We will organize using the foundation he laid for us from here going forward. We ask that each of you become a member, and/or donate as much and as often as you can, we have community-related programs that need continuing support. Reach out, Each one, Teach one!

**Membership Dues of $50 paid annually are required by all members to maintain your membership status.

**Membership fees are secured for the purpose of supporting our Annual Conference and also collective weapons training


  • Membership with the club includes, monthly conference calls on the third Wednesday of every month,unless changed by the coordinator.
  • Quarterly Training- which could include rifle marksmanship, hand to hand combat, or survival techniques.
  • Book Clubs- based on the ideals of Huey P Newton, for example "Revolutionary Suicide and "To Die For The People"
  • We recommend that you start your club based on reading the ideals of Huey as a base then branch out to other readings. We believe that reading is very important to personal development.
  • Each chapter has a COORDINATOR; however, each chapter is "autonomous" and can operate independently of others.

Would you like o start a Huey P. Newton Gun Club chapter in your neighborhood? Sign Up Below and Tell Us More . 

(Once approved, the initial Chapter Initiation fee is $300.00 which will include a member card and a valid charter signed by the founder Yafeuh Balogun  and Chief of Staff Kamau Ozain.)


If you'd rather request membership application to be sent to you

please email us: for details.

Please send with your membership application and dues to:
PO Box 539 W Commerce St #1371 Dallas, Tx 75208
Please make checks or money orders payable to "Yafeuh Balogun Industries"

****Please also make a donation by clicking our link below, which supports our ability to educate the masses on gun rights, as well as support gun rights legislation to ensure that “responsible” conversations can be had.