Mission Statement

The Huey P. Newton Gun Club is a coalition of members from various different groups/organizations coming together in unity to practice our 2nd amendment right "To bear Arms". Our mission is to educate the masses of people on the necessity of self. That includes self-preservation, self-defense, and self-sufficiency through militant culture. Safety, caution, and attention to detail are at the core of our way of life. We desire a world of peace, justice, and equality for all humanity, and specifically people of color.


Local Objectives

We, the Huey P Newton Gun Club, work to educate our people, particularly the youth. To that end, our movement educates and teaches the community at our weekly meetings; public forums, rallies; programs; town hall meetings; on the streets; in the schools; in the projects; on the radio; through electronic and print media, and anywhere where knowledge needs to be forwarded. Most of our youth are currently in the public school system. For this reason we will take an active role in school board affairs and general work in the regional public schools. We will struggle to turn the local school board back into the electoral hands of our people.
We respect the Police in our community who show proper respect for our community. We respect those in authority as long they respect us. We, the Huey P Newton Gun Club, mobilize and organize for an end to police brutality and misconduct. We demand the police in our community, and elsewhere, respect the Human Rights of our people and their constitutional rights. We strive for community police review boards with legal power to seek indictments, punish and discipline rogue police officers. We will monitor and observe the police according to the law. We struggle to reform areas in our community or nation from the negative behavior that is imposed upon us. We believe in our divine and legal rights to self-defense after centuries of state regulated abuse and terrorism. The criminal justice system must be held accountable to the will of our people, and not support an industrial complex, capitalizing in profit to see our people continuously incarcerated. Of course, our work is in the jails and prisons where many great brothers and sisters are locked up. We demand immediate freedom for all political prisoners and prisoners of racist political circumstance.

Political Framework

Written by The Founding Dallas Council
Our organization, the Huey Percy Newton Gun Club, is the latest attempt to resurrect the minds of black people within the borders of the United States of America. We do so humbly, patiently, and without ego. At this point in history we realize that Black people in the western hemisphere have always promoted armed self-defense first with rebellions on slave ships and most notably with the Haitian Revolution that began in 1791. In the spirit of the Marrons societies throughout the Americas, that worked towards liberation of our people and the various insurrections that we are aware of and also unaware of, we formed the Huey Percy Newton Gun Club. We invoke ancestor Huey Newton because since his murder in 1989 in Oakland, California there has been an attempt to massacre and defame his legacy. Using Huey’s name is logical to us based on this point in history where black men and women are murdered wholesale by various police agencies around the United States. We strive with you to STOP these atrocities that effect our community, and are elated you desired to work with us to put in place a defense component with eventual offensive capabilities. We founded this organization on three “simple” points, it must be understood we do not want to reinvent a long drawn out platform or process.

1. We want immediate end to police brutality and the murder of black and brown.
2. We want to cease black on black violence and self-hatred.
3. We want to arm every black men and woman throughout the United States, which has been the greatest fear of the establishment.